5 Reasons Why Surfers Should Date Surfers

There really is nothing better than doing what you love with the person you love. When you love surfing, finding someone who loves riding waves as much as you do is a dream come true. I met my boyfriend surfing. We immediately bonded over waves, trips, boards, and our favorite pros. He recommended me to try a different surfboard while I gave him travel advice. I was so excited to talk about surfing and in doing so, fell in love with the guy who shared my passion.


Why Surfers Should Date Surfers

Why Surfers Should Date Surfers


Surfers dating surfers is the ultimate match. Everywhere I look, it seems that more surfers are dating surfers. Surfer couples seem to be trending on social media, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of a surfer-surfer relationship:


1. Double the Quiver
In a romantic relationship, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.  The same concept applies to the quiver. Dating a surfer opens your horizons to different surfboards and designs. It’s fun to try different boards every now and then.


2. Surf Trip Vacations
When it comes time for a romantic couple vacation, you both have waves on your mind. There’s no need to compromise or skimp on your surf trip to make your significant other happy. Chasing waves will be your top priority and lying together after a good surf session will be so much sweeter. The only thing you may need to compromise on is if you travel to a left or a right. In the end, you’re still surfing all day, so there’s really no problem.


3. Special Understanding
You know the saying “only a surfer knows the feeling”? Well, when you both surf, you get it. Your partner understands when you need to paddle out after a long, stressful day at work. He or she will probably encourage surfing to deal with difficult situations instead of complaining about your hours in the ocean. A partner who surfs understands your deep connection with the sport and will want you to be happy by surfing more.


4. Growth
A partner who surfs will help you to improve your own surfing in and out of the water. He or she can give you insights and advice on how to get better surfing. Out of the water, you can work out together, do yoga, eat healthy, and encourage each other, which will all directly help your surf game.


5. Surf Dates
Surf dates will become your favorite dates and breakfast after dawn patrol will be so much better when you talk about your session with the person you love.

Original Article by: By Kim Kepich

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